So you want to sell your property.
Here’s an overview of the conveyancing process when selling:

What we do

  • Review agreement with the Real Estate agent (if required)
  • Collect the various documents needed to be included with the contract
  • Prepare the contract in PDF format
  • Resolve any problems with the title
  • Review Mortgages or refinancing arrangements
  • Get answers to questions about the property
  • Check settlements documents and figures
  • Attend the settlement and ensure that the transfer of the title gets the money agreed.

Check this list and work out what information you can supply.

Questions for you

  • Who has the title deeds?
  • Does the property have a registered swimming pool?
  • Do the smoke alarms comply?
  • What additions and alterations have been done?
  • When were these done?
  • Were compliance certificates issued?

(this list is not exhaustive)

Selling - the finer points

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